Bill Hueter Invited to Speak At CEO Club of Baltimore in February

We're thrilled to have Bill Hueter at the CEO Club of Baltimore. His talk, “How to Solve First What You Fear the Most: People Issues,” will explore the crucial role of having the right people in the right seats for an organization’s success.

Bill, a serial entrepreneur and business coach from Maryland, has a wealth of experience from co-founding three startups and implementing EOS® as a leadership team member. He's notably contributed to the success of various companies, including one that achieved a rare nine-year streak on the INC 5,000 list. His background includes senior e-commerce and business development roles at CompuServe, Anderson Consulting (Accenture), and Deloitte Consulting. 

Drawing from his extensive experience, Bill will explore how aligning the right team can lead to dominating any industry and market. Also joining the conversation is Tom Albero, Chairman & CEO of Alliance Material Handling. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from their valuable perspectives and gain key insights into transforming your business's people strategy.

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