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Every entrepreneur lives a terrible, lonely moment where things feel out of control. Growth has stalled, and while you feel like you’re drowning and running out of air both personally and professionally, everyone’s looking to you for answers.

EOS Implementer®: I understand the burden of hitting a brick wall.

In the 9th year of my 2nd entrepreneurial effort, my company hit a wall. We weren't sure what to do. Implementing EOS® took us from $30 million and 40 employees to $50 million and 75 employees within the next 5 years.

But this new model also restored something even more important to my life - balance. Instead of being crushed under a lonely burden, I was now supported by a cohesive leadership team aligned around the same vision and plan, and there was room for the other people in my life as well.

You’re not alone. Every entrepreneur hits the wall, but there’s a pathway to growth that still allows for a balanced, joyful life. As a Maryland business coach I can help you achieve the growth you're looking for.

maryland business coach
Testimonial Quote


  • I've know Bill for some 15 years. We worked together at both Accenture and later, I hired him to join me at Deloitte due to his strong business development and client care skills. Bill's honest approach to business is admirable and his integrity in working with clients is above reproach!
    David Hammond
    Chief Executive, Hammond Ink Advisors
  • Working with Bill has been one of the greatest business decisions I have ever been lucky enough to make. He uses his two ears and one mouth in appropriate proportions and when he does speak, it's usually to ask me a tough question that requires me to dig deep into my personal "why".
    Michael Gordon
    CEO, Elavaire
  • I've worked with my share of brilliant strategists. Bill is unique. He operates without a net. His strategy is direct, simple, and tangible. He doesn't hide behind complexity or platitude. He has the confidence, experience, and knowledge to take you right where you need to be.
    George Earl
    Vice President of Data
  • I trust Bill and his mentorship, and know that he truly cares about our success! He expects us to put the work in, but guides and makes suggestions. Bill is warm but focused, and has a great knowledge of both business and people! Highly Recommend!
    Kimberly Scolaro
    VP Business Dev., Summit Business Technologies
  • I’ve worked as the Fractional Integrator with two of Bill's clients over the past few years. Bill is an expert at implementing EOS, facilitating the meetings, teaching the concepts, and holding his clients accountable to their promises. But more than that, Bill is a tremendous leader for his Visionaries. He works personally and closely with them, to help them grow as leaders with their teams. Empathetic, engaging, and human, he builds bonds with teams, and they rely on his wisdom and experience. 

    His sessions are upbeat, productive, and border on fun, but he never loses the string, and always ensures we meet the expectations we set out at the beginning of the session. From my conversations with his clients, I know he is highly valued and indispensable to them.
    Rick Duncan
    Fractional Integrator

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maryland business coach

There are no contracts.

This is a melding of our minds and hearts together to fight for the greater good. At the end of any session day, if I have not delivered the value you expected, you don’t pay me for the session.

Book Bill for Your Next Event

I deliver keynotes and workshops that are perfect for groups of growth-oriented business owners and leaders. These intense sessions will help you:

• Understand how to build a truly great organization
• Roll up your sleeves and confront your organizational issues head-on
• Learn how to get everyone focused on achieving a clear company vision
• Begin to instill discipline and accountability throughout your organization

Your breakthrough moment starts today.

Every business grows to a point where it feels like there’s more chaos than control. I use a proven system to help you realign your team around a shared vision and lead them to new levels of success. There’s hope on the horizon, and I look forward to meeting you.
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